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Hello!  It has been quite a while since I have published a blog post so I hope you have been following me on facebook to see everything I have been shooting lately.

There are a few reasons that blog posts have been neglected the past few months.

  1. We are busy working on a brand new website!
  2. We have been shooting NON STOP!! Wahoo!!
  3. My husband and I ARE ADOPTING!!! We are in the very beginning process of adoption and we have been spending some time creating our Adoption Blog!

In other new news for the very first time ever we are offering Mini Sessions!!! All proceeds from these sessions will be going towards our adoption process.  Mini Sessions are a smaller version of a full session.  Mini sessions are perfect for updating your family photo for your Christmas cards!

The November Mini Sessions will be held on November 12th at Freedom Park in Sykesville, MD.  Please make sure to have November 13th open in case of bad weather on the 12th.

These sessions are $209.00, 20 minutes long and include 15 edited digital files.  Mini Sessions are limited to one family.  Props and pets welcome!

(Full sessions start at $395.00 for a 45-60 minute session and include all edited digital files.)

Please reserve your spot here for the November Mini Sessions.  Session spots not paid for within 24 hours will be reopened.

Questions? Contact me!!

I hope to see you on the 12th!


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I am SO excited to share these photos with you!!

Kristy is my cousin!  When we were kids it was more like she was a sister than a cousin; so many of my great childhood memories have her in them!  Anyone who is around her for even a small amount of time knows that she has a heart of gold and an infectious smile.  Alex is her college sweetheart and I couldn’t hand pick someone better for Kirsty.  He is so incredibly kind, smart and ALWAYS makes Kristy smile.

When Kristy got engaged she texted me and said, “Hey!! Can we get together and chat about my wedding???!”  I LOVE talking weddings so I wasn’t even thinking she would ask me to be her photographer.  BUT she did and I couldn’t be more excited.

Their downtown Sykesville engagement session was so much fun.  I think we were laughing the entire time.  I can not wait for their wedding next summer.KristyAlexEngaged_0001PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0002PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0003PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0004PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0005PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0006PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0007PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0008PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0009PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0010PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0011PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0012PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0013PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0014PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0015PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0016PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0017PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0018PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0019PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0020PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0021PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0022PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0023PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0024PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0025PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0026PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0027PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0028PINIMAGEKristyAlexEngaged_0030PINIMAGE

Thank you Kristy and Alex for trusting me!  I can’t wait for your special day!!


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I am always so humbled when people trust me to capture important milestones in their lives.  Even more humbled when those people are friends or family.

The night we were supposed to do photos, I was also getting together with Holli’s mom to work on stuff for her baby shower.  At the time, Holli didn’t know I was helping with the shower so she kept asking me to come over for dinner before we did the photos.  I kept giving her the most lame excuses ever and felt horrible about it.  Luckily when I got out of work that day it started POURING.  So, we rescheduled photos for the next day.

It was HOT and crowded and there were ton of bugs out but I loved our session at Lake Elkhorn.

hill baby bump_0001PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0002PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0003PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0004PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0005PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0006PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0007PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0008PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0009PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0010PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0011PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0012PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0013PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0014PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0015PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0016PINIMAGE

Even tho he is a Browns fan, Josh is pretty cool guy ;).  I don’t know if I have ever met anyone more caring than him.  He is funny and kind to everyone he meets.  During our session he kept engaging people as they walked by!

hill baby bump_0017PINIMAGE

hill baby bump_0018PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0019PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0020PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0021PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0022PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0023PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0024PINIMAGE

There are some people that come into your life and you just know that you will be forever friends.  That happened to me when I met Holli.  We met on a missions trip in Mexico my freshman year of high school and she has been my girl ever since.  She has been there for me on my best days and my worst of the worst days.  I’m so blessed to have her as a friend.

hill baby bump_0025PINIMAGE

hill baby bump_0026PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0027PINIMAGEhill baby bump_0028PINIMAGE

Holli and Josh, thank you for trusting me with your memories.  I can’t wait to meet your precious baby girl in just a few weeks!!

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So Arvie Scott’s nursery is so adorable I had to do a separate blog post on it!! There was SO MUCH planning that went into this nursery.  Not one detail was picked with out thinking long and hard about it.  I’m so thankful Sara included me in the nursery planning process.  It was so much fun!!

PPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0031PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0038PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0037PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0036PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0035PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0034PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0033PINIMAGEPPBlog Arvie Sott NB_0032PINIMAGE

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Sara + Kevin = Arvie Scott!!

Not long after their wedding, I was talking to Sara and she goes, “OMG! Want to hear something CRAZY?!?!  I’m pregnant!!”  The next 9 months we talked almost daily about what she would be like,  who she would look like, what the nursery would look like and our grand plans for newborn photos.  It was seriously such a great time!

As soon as I saw Arvie Scott in the hospital I was so in love.  Such a BEAUTIFUL little girl.  I couldn’t WAIT for our session!

Anyone who knows Sara even a little bit knows she is a planner.  A great planner.  We had an AMAZING plan for newborn pictures.  Little Arvie Scott had other plans.  It’s ok, we just said, “I guess she is a planner too!”

In the end, I could not be happier with how everything turned out!! After a few hours we got her into a deep sleep and captured some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

Sara and Kevin, watching you two become parents has been SO FUN.  Thank you for taking me along on this journey with you and trusting me with your memories.  I can’t wait to photograph little Arvie Scott for years to come!



A week later I snuck back over to Sara and Kevin’s to capture some photos of them with their precious Arvie Scott!

PPB keith nbl_0002PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0003PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0004PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0005PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0006PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0007PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0008PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0009PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0010PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0011PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0012PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0013PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0014PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0015PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0016PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0017PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0018PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0019PINIMAGEPPB keith nbl_0020PINIMAGE

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